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St Louis, MO 314-270-9518 - The Amount of Gear is Ridiculous.

We Buy Used Musical Instruments & Gear

Your Rehearsal Studio could be a Gold Mine!

Musicians are always looking to create new and exciting sounds and typically have lots of gear sitting around un-used. Much of this gear is still in great condition and has lots of years left in it, which makes that extra gear a potential source of income. If you have an amp that is collecting dust and you have a need for another guitar, we can help you trade your quality used musical instruments & equipment in for something new, used or for cash. Instead of dealing with all of the hassles of trying to sell your product on-line or in the classified ads, simply bring your used musical gear into our store where we buy, sell and trade quality used musical instruments & equipment and start cashing in today!

We pay you $$$ on the spot for all kinds of musical instruments & equipment. Just bring your product in for a quick but thorough review. Our experts will research your gear and make you a great offer for your product…or even more if you want to trade it towards some of the great used gear in our stores. It is simple, quick and easy...and no appointment is needed...stop in when it is convenient for you!


Music Go Round shoppers know what’s cool and what brands are best. While we buy products in all conditions, to get the most out of your sell or trade, make sure your product is in good working condition and adjustment.

Music Go Round also recognizes that some products are in higher demand in certain areas than others. We offer the absolute top dollar for all of our products, but trade-in prices will vary from city to city and item to item.

Call us to find out the MOST WANTED AND REQUESTED ITEMS!